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As many of you know, I had been a champion of these products for about 5 years.  That was then.... 

This is what I know.... that Paint was not on Amazon at all. Imagine that. People would go to Amazon, enter "chalk paint" and all kinds of products would come up, but not that Paint. The distributor felt that stockists were losing market share to competing brands because those brands were selling on Amazon and put that Paint on Amazon to increase brand awareness.  (BTW....She priced higher than stockists and even cut back profit to our area if paint went through Amazon.)  She was sued.

It all took a while and very little information was coming out as to what would happen if either side won or lost.

After Nov. 5th, both sides could freely discuss what was going forward.

I found a post on the stockist page. The post included information that the paint would be rebranded to include "USA." BUT it would be being made overseas and shipped to America. (Frankly, it doesn't bother me when a product is being made overseas. I like many things from other countries. However, I think it's misleading to brand any product as "USA" that is not MADE in the USA.)

It was also mentioned that the composition of the paint would change, and the colors would also have some change. (I think this is due to the US and UK having different laws involving which chemicals and pigments can be used in manufacturing.) 

My customers have projects they are doing, things they want to match, they loved the paint we were selling, and many show a loyalty to USA products.  

With that, I contacted the distributor to see what they were doing going forward.  They WILL be making awesome paint. They ARE an American company making a paint for the American market. They have a fabulous aesthetic, incredibly sophisticated taste, outstanding customer service, and I know we are making the right choice to carry their product. 

Jolie Home is the new brand we will be carrying.  Remember, no matter what you hear out there, it's NOT about the name,

PS: I posted this blog post today after receiving emails from lawyers. 

LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEAR. I AM NO LONGER A STOCKIST FOR THOSE PRODUCTS. We are simply liquidating the inventory we have on hand. 


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