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Save On Commissions - Rent Space or Market Online or Both!

Would you like to save tons of money on consignment commissions? How about take the use of our online capabilities without the hassle?

We offer two great ways for you to keep control of the items you sell and save on commissions and fees. 

We have a limited number of premier spaces and cabinets for lease OR you can keep your items at home and list them on the web. Take advantage of our destination reputation and our new location. Enjoy the exposure from tons of drive-by traffic on one of the most frequently traveled roads in Naples. 

 You will be able to list and describe your inventory, upload pictures, and set your prices. Want to know what sold on any given day? Log in and check. Best of all, if you regularly sell things, you can Brand!  What does that mean? It means people who want to sell what you like to sell can contact you directly, which is a HUGE part of this business.   

Do you have to lease space to take advantage of online selling with us? No, but you do have to give us a solid commitment for a short duration that the item offered will be available to our buyer. 

Is this only good for dealers? No. We are a well known, reputable, local buying outlet that's perfect for home furnishings, decorative accessories, collectibles, jewelry, and art works. 

Why sell with you when eBay is available? Because we are LOCAL. Because we can help you with pricing trends, research ideas, and marketing. 

Can anyone sell? No. We will be vetting items and sellers to ensure items are of very high quality, great condition, represented accurately, and priced fairly. 

Our online commissions are much lower than any consignment shop. Our terms for leasing are competitive and in line with our location. 

Questions?  Call me and let's have a chat.

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