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One Piece, Entire Estates, Large or Small Collections, Call us First. We have been Florida estate liquidators for over 25 years. 

Our market is strong because we are known in our community AND we know our community. True, there is tremendous wealth here and we know when to tap into that market, but there are also A LOT of people downsizing, changing decor, and simplifying their lifestyle. It’s equally important for us to know when and how to reach out to the world-wide buying community to get the best prices! 

Our rates are competitive, our contracts easily understandable with no hidden fees, our staff is friendly and informed, and our reputation is impeccable.  

We may be the largest Naples, Florida estate liquidators, but we take selling your items personally.

What does that mean? It means we handle your property as if it was our own. We carefully consider age, rarity, condition, value, trends, desirability, and even emotional attachment. 

We will tell you what to truly expect. We won't over inflate value to get your items and then not deliver. We also won't sandbag the auction estimates to make ourselves look better. (Yes, that does happen. A lot.)

Our auctions are broadcast throughout the world via the Internet. We've been doing that longer than most other auction houses. I love using today's technology to give my customers the best results. (We even started on eBay way back in 1997!) 


We do not use shill bidders (fake bids) to drive prices up, and we use very transparent methods so that you know exactly what your item sold for and you get a full accounting. 

Will you be happy with every result? Maybe not, but you might be pleasantly surprised by others too. Either way, uou will know that you and your items were treated fairly. 

If you are seeking assistance from Florida estate liquidators, consignment stores, or antique dealers, we are here and ready to help. Questions? Please contact us for more information. 


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