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We Buy ~ Cash Paid, Fair Prices

We often recommend auction or consignment, but there are times when quick payment is either necessary or simply more desirable.

Estate settlement can be complicated. Your client or loved one may have passed on, but the bills that are due keep coming. Selling the personal property often helps bring needed funds to pay immediate bills while probate is being taken care of.

Direct payment also comes in handy when an unexpected emergency arises, or grandchildren need a bit of help. 

However, immediate financial problems that need a fast time-definite solution are not the only reasons to sell. 

Maybe you're moving and the process has become more of an ordeal than you care to deal with.Strong emotions associated with selling your property items can also be difficult when you drag the process out through consignment.

A quick sale is no muss, no fuss. There is no time delay or stress. We'll pack and move the items we purchase too. 

While we take our reputation seriously, we understand that not everyone in this business may not. When there are prior bad experiences working with other secondary market sellers, it may be best to set the price and let things go. 

When in doubt..... if the item to be sold has a wide ranging estimate, we say..... auction.
Let the world decide how much to give for it. It's your choice. We are prepared to either pay a fair price, or represent you. 

Questions? Please contact us and let's discuss a solution that's right for you.

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